Corporate Goals

Our lead product for immunotherapy of grass pollen allergy- BM32 - has completed the phase IIb clinical trial program. An optimal dose and dose regimen has been defined. Data analysis has shown that the product is safe and effective. The project will now move into pivotal phase III trials. We are actively looking for a co-development and distribution partner to make BM32 available to patients world-wide as quickly as possible.
Our long-term goal is to offer vaccine candidates for allergies caused by the most important aeroallergen sources (grass, birch, house dust mite, ragweed, Japanese cedar). We are making good progress in product development of several candidates, beginning with the house dust mite vaccine BM35 and our ragweed allergy vaccine BM34. Therefore, we work to broaden our product pipeline and carry further new products through preclinical and early clinical development.
We will bring our product candidates to clinical proof of concept with the aim of partnering them for large late stage clinical trials, registration and marketing.

Contract manufacturing for third parties under GMP has evolved into a major pillar of our business. We have established Biomay as a one-stop-shop from strain development all the way to production of marketed products. We are the primary Partner when it comes to GMP manufacturing of DNA plasmids.