Biomay has two manufacturing sites: firstly, the facility currently in operation in the 9th district of Vienna, and secondly, the new facility currently under construction in the 22nd district of Vienna (Seestadt Aspern).

New Facility

Capacity Expansion by Factor 10

Biomay is building a new manufacturing facility entirely dedicated to its CDMO business. The new site is located in award-winning “Seestadt Aspern” – a newly formed urban district in the north-east of Vienna. With this greenfield investment, Biomay will increase its manufacturing capacity by a factor of 10.

Facts of Biomay's Seestadt Facility

  • State-of -the-art and fully integrated multipurpose biomanufacturing facility
  • Associated laboratories for quality control, assay development and manufacturing science and technology (MSAT)
  • Construction work started in September 2020
  • GMP operations to begin in Q1/2022
  • Bioreactor scales, gross: 750 L , 150 L, 50 L, multiple 5 L
  • Clean room areas: class A (ISO 5), class B (ISO 5), class C (ISO 7), class D (ISO 8)
  • Dedicated area for parallel processing of multiple personalized (patient specific) batches

Scope of services

What we offer

  • Plasmid DNA, mRNA, recombinant proteins (microbial derived)
  • Quality grades: cGMP and High Quality (HQ)
  • Validation
  • Stability studies
  • Regulatory support

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  • Vector construction and cell banking;
  • Process- and analytical development;
  • Manufacturing drug substance and GMP starting material;
  • Manufacturing drug product / aseptic filling;
  • Quality control predominantly in-house

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Seestadt Aspern in Vienna

Biomay’s new site is located in the attractive and representative surrounding of an exciting, young, and urban region of Vienna. 

Seestadt Aspern can be reached within 30 minutes from the airport, as well as from Vienna city center (underground U2). > Read more about Seestadt Aspern

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