Scope of Services

Biomay offers cGMP contract manufacturing services for the production of recombinant biologicals as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). 

Biomay´s multi-product GMP facility allows the manufacturing of microbial-based proteins and plasmid DNA (DNA vaccines). We primarily offer E. coli as expression system; In addition, the capacities and know-how for processing of other bacterial hosts or yeasts like Pichia pastoris  are available.

We offer premium performance combined with highly attractive economics for our clients in a scale of milligrams to several grams of clinical-grade recombinant protein or plasmid DNA. 

Biomay is certified by the Austrian authorities (AGES) according to the EU directives (2001/83/EC, 2001/20/EC) and the Austrian medicinal product act (§ 63 AMG) to manufacture products for clinical phases I-IV. 

Inquiry for contract manufacturing: h.huber(at)

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