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Message from the CEO

Rainer HenningDear Visitor:

As you see from the news section, the results of our landmark phase II study entitled "Safety and efficacy of immunotherapy with the recombinant B-cell epitope derived grass pollen vaccine BM32" have now been published following peer review in the prestigious Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. 

Together with a second study, in which we were able to optimize the dose regimen of BM32 in the first year, our phase II program is now complete. It has  laid the foundation for a pivotal phase III study leading to market authorization of this very first recombinant third generation allergy vaccine. 

We expect that follow-on treatment with BM32 in subsequent years will require only very few injections and will be very similar to your annual flu shot. Obviously, we will have to demonstrate the validity of this concept in Phase III and we are commited to do so. If all goes well, we expect BM32 to be available for grass pollen allergy sufferers in 2021.

We have made great progress in our allergy vaccine pipeline as well. We now have optimized candidate products entering formal preclinical development for house dust mite and ragweed, two of the most important inhalant allergies. BM35 for house dust mite allergies is very unique as it protects patients for the first time against all six clinically relevant house dust mite allergens. Our ragweed product BM34 provides protective immune response against all important Amb a 1 allergen isotypes.

In our GMP manufacturing services, especially for plasmid DNA, we had a record year in 2017, providing first class services to our customers. As we expect the high demand for these services to continue in the years to come, we are moving forward with our expansion plans of our manufacturing.

Overall, 2018 has been off to a great start, and Biomay will continue to grow its business and provide exciting news during the new year.

Best regards

Rainer Henning
Chief Executive Officer

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