Development of Biomay´s BM32 vaccine for grass pollen allergy progressing according to plan ( 2 Nov. 2010)

Biomay announces that the development programme of BM32 – a new vaccine for immunotherapy of grass pollen allergy – is progressing well and according to plan.

“We are very pleased about the results of first preclinical pharmacodynamic studies” says Angela Neubauer, Technology Manger of Biomay.  “Tox studies and a large scale pharmacodynamic study have been launched and will be carried out during the next months, to prepare for a first-in-man immunotherapy study in September 2011. We expect first results on safety and efficacy of BM32 by the end of 2011.”

BM32 is based on Biomay´s proprietary Peptide-Carrier-Technology which opens the possibility of substancially side effect free allergy immunotherapy. The active ingredients of the vaccine have been developed in cooperation with Rudolf Valenta and the Christian Doppler-Laboratory for Allergy Research at the Medical University of Vienna.

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Grass pollen allergy is among the most widespread allergies worldwide. In Europe, about 10% of the population are affected by grass pollen allergy.

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