Landmark clinical study with grass pollen vaccine BM32 published ( 5 Feb. 2018)

Biomay announces that the landmark study intitled "Safety and efficacy of immunotherapy with the recombinant B-cell epitope based grass pollen vaccine BM32" has recently been published online in the prestigious Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (
In this study BM32 has shown convincing evidence that a 2-year treatment with seven injections leads to an important and clinically relevant relief of allergy symptom in patients with moderate to severe grass pollen allergy. Importantly, patients had a stronger Response, when their allergy was more severe. This was accompanied by the development of a protective immune response, which blocks the access of grass pollen allergens to ist cognate IgE on inflammatory effector cells.
This study marks an important milestone for Biomay on the road to bringing the very first third-generation allergy vaccine to the Marketplace. Together with a second Phase II, which was completed in 2017, These results form the basis for the design of a pivotal Phase III study. Biomay expects that the product will be registered in 2021.

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