Peptide Carrier Fusion Vaccines (PCFiT Technology)

Peptide carrier fusion vaccines are the current focus for allergy immunotherapy research and development at Biomay. 

Peptide carrier fusion vaccines contain linear peptides which are parts of B-cell epitopes. These peptides are fused to an immunogenic carrier element and expressed as fusion proteins by recombinant technology. Peptide carrier fusion vaccines induce a focussed allergen specific IgG response that is directed against parts of the IgE epitope and block the binding of IgE. 

Peptide carrier fusion vaccines offer superior efficacy and safety. They provide a universal, highly specific allergy immunotherapy platform with an unrivaled safety profile. The technology has been trademarked as PCFiT™ (Peptide Carrier FusIon Technology)

On the basis of convincing pre-clinical proof-of-concept and human data Biomay has completed an early stage clinical development program with its lead product BM32, a peptide carrier fusion vaccine against grass pollen allergies. This comprehensive program consisted of a Phase I safety study with skin testing and a study with controlled exposure to grass pollen in an environmental exposure chamber following immunization with BM32. The most important element of this program was a recently completed Phase IIb study with patients under natural pollen exposure. The results of this study constitute clinical proof of concept for BM32 and validation for the technology platform. PCFiT constructs for house dust mite (BM35) and ragweed vaccines (BM34) have been optimized for maximal coverage of allergens important for causing symptoms in patients. All peptide carrier fusion vaccines also including BM31 for birch pollen allergy are currently at the preclinical development stage. Future developments comprise Japanese cedar vaccines and cockroach vaccines. 

Biomay's proprietary technologies are well protected by a large and growing portfolio of patents and patent applications. For manufacturing its peptide carrier fusion vaccines, Biomay utilizes state of the art technology in its in house GMP facility. 

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