Results of Clinical Trials with BM32

BM32 has no allergenic effect
BM32 alleviates allergic reaction in the pollen chamber
BM32 improves allergy symptoms during the pollen season
BM32 improves quality of life in the pollen season

In order to confirm safety and efficacy of our grass pollen allergy vaccine BM32, four clinical trials have been completed in phase I and II.


In phase I (CS-BM32-001), it was demonstrated that BM32 had no appreciable IgE dependent and T-cell dependent allergenic effect, when it was applied in skin testing and atopy patch testing.  


In phase IIa (CS-BM32-002), BM32 significantly reduced allergic symptoms, measured by total nasal symptom score (TNSS) upon provocation with grass pollen for six hours in a pollen chamber. 


In the first phase IIb study (CS-BM32-003), the optimal dose of BM32 was determined to be 20 μg per allergen component. This dose reduced a combined score of allergic symptoms and consumption of allergy relief medication by >20% and allergy symptoms by 29%. In addition, patients' quality of life was significantly improved over two allergy seasons.


In the second phase IIb trial (CS-BM32-004), a dose regimen of five injections of 20 μg BM32 was found to give optimal protection from grass pollen allergy in the first season of treatment.


In all studies, BM32 was found to be very safe and extremely well tolerated.


The detailed results of these studies can be found under the following links:


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