Messenger RNA

mRNA is the new and exciting product class we offer services for. With our in-house developed platform for in-vitro transcription, we offer GMP-grade mRNA batches for our clients.

cGMP-grade mRNA

Biomay is worldwide one of very few manufacturers capable to supply all of these three key molecules: messenger RNA, recombinant protein and plasmid DNA. Our clients in the mRNA field are active in infectious diseases (e.g. COVID-19 vaccines) and cancer immunotherapies.

Biomay offers GMP manufacturing services for clinical-grade messenger RNA (mRNA). Our clients request manufacturing of mRNA as such (by in-vitro transcription, IVT) as well as supply of starting and auxiliary materials like IVT DNA templates and recombinant enzymes.

Our mRNA production platform:

Plasmid template > Linearization > In-vitro transcription > mRNA purification > Formulation & filling

Special features of Biomay's proprietary mRNA-IVT platform:

  • Generic and universal platform for manufacturing and analytical testing
  • One-stop-shop based on client’s mRNA target sequence
  • Variable and scalable in batch size: from 10 mg to 20 g mRNA
  • Capping options: co-translational or post-translational
  • In-house developed chromatographic mRNA purification
  • IVT process free of animal components, antibiotics, organic solvents
  • High quality, purity and homogeneity

In-house manufactured starting and auxiliary materials:

  • Circular and linear IVT DNA template
  • Recombinant restriction enzyme for DNA linearization
  • Recombinant mRNA polymerase

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