Biomay is worldwide one of very few CDMOs capable of manufacturing all of the three key biomolecules: plasmid DNA, messenger RNA and recombinant proteins.

Plasmid DNA

Plasmid DNA is our core competence, either circular or linearized, big or small. With more than 80 individual GMP-manufactured plasmids, we have a strong track record.


mRNA is the new and exciting product class we offer services for. With our in-house developed platform for in-vitro transcription, we offer GMP-grade mRNA batches for our clients.

Biotech expert looks at western blot of recombinant proteins.

Recombinant Proteins

Recombinant proteins produced with microbial expressed systems has been in our focus since the company was founded. We are recombinant protein experts, since more than three decades.

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GMP Manufacturing

Either aseptic drug product, bulk drug substance or critical starting material: GMP manufacturing is programmed in our genes.
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HQ Manufacturing

For plasmids as starting material we offer tailored service packages for high quality grade material.
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Personalized pDNA

We supply personalized and patient-specific plasmid DNA batches in GMP quality within a couple of weeks.
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FAQs for products

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