Plasmid DNA

Plasmid DNA is our core competence, either circular or linearized, big or small. With more than 80 individual GMP-manufactured plasmids, we have a strong track record.

Core Competence: pDNA

Comprehensive expertise in pDNA manufacturing:

Biomay has been a specialized GMP plasmid manufacturer since more than a decade. As a service provider, we put high strategic priority on plasmid DNA. Biomay has a deep scientific understanding and a profound problem solving capacity in any context of plasmid manufacturing and testing.

Biomay’s technology offers scalability, comparability, effectiveness, a high yield and attractive pricing throughout the whole product life cycle (from clinical phases I-III to sustained market supply).

Extensive track record in the numerous pDNA products:

  • Aseptically filled drug product for gene therapy and DNA vaccination
  • Bulk drug substance (API) for gene therapy and DNA vaccination
  • Critical starting material:
    • viral gene therapies (e.g. starting plasmids for adeno-associated viral / AAV vectors)
    • viral cell therapies and CAR-T (e.g. starting plasmids for lentiviral / LV vectors)
    • mRNA vaccines (e.g. linear DNA templates for in-vitro transcription)

Special features of Biomay's proprietary plasmid platform

  • Generic and universal platform for manufacturing and testing
  • Variable and scalable in batch size: from 100 mg to 100 g
  • Well suited for big plasmids up to 20 kilo-base pairs
  • Well suited for tailored enzymatic linearization (mRNA IVT template)
  • Generic quality control methods for circular and linear DNA
  • Proven for fast track supply of personalized batches
  • Process free of animal components, antibiotics, organic solvents
  • High quality, purity and homogeneity
    (% supercoiled)

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