Recombinant Proteins

Recombinant proteins produced with microbial expressed systems has been in our focus since the company was founded. We are recombinant protein experts, since more than three decades.

Expertise in Proteins

Escherichia coli is our workhorse for recombinant protein expression

Expression systems: We primarily apply E. coli as expression system. In addition, other bacterial hosts or yeasts like Pichia pastoris can be processed.

Our protein manufacturing platform comprises state-of-the-art bioprocessing technologies like high-cell density fed-batch fermentation, cell homogenization, protein refolding, various chromatographies and ultra-diafiltration.

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Protein expertise for many years

Biomay has been dedicated to manufacturing of recombinant proteins since the company was founded. Meanwhile, Biomay has gained expertise in GMP contract manufacturing with a big variety of recombinant proteins during the past 15 years.

Strong track record in proteins:

  • Proteins as active ingredients for therapies and vaccination
  • Gene editing components as recombinant nuclease Cas9
  • Antibody derivatives like scFv
  • Allergens and allergen derivatives (allergy immunotherapy)

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