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Message from the CEO

Rainer HenningDear Visitor:

As we have promised to sufferers from severe grass pollen allergy symptoms, we have now completed our phase IIb with the highly innovative grass pollen allergy vaccine BM32! 

As we had hoped, the product has been shown to be both efficaceous and safe. We have demonstrated that allergy symptoms could be relieved to a clinically relevant extent. Importantly and very gratifying to us, treated patients also reported a very significant improvement in their well being. Some of the results are shown in today's report in the News section. The full data set will be presented soon at an international conference and in a paper we are preparing for a leading peer reviewed journal.

We are quite proud that we have been able to demonstrate clinical efficacy for this first ever grass pollen allergy vaccine created by rational molecular design. This is a landmark in the history of allergy immunotherapy. We will now undertake the necessary steps to bring this product to patients as quickly as possible. We are grateful to the people at the participating study centers who made this success possible!

It also bodes well for the future development of our products for other important allergies, which are based on the same revolutionary technology platform, which has now been clearly validated. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

The following link takes you to an animated video, which illustrates the mechanism of action of our allergy vaccine products:

If you have questions and comments about us and our products, don't hesitate to contact us!

Best regards

Rainer Henning
Chief Executive Officer