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Message from the CEO

Rainer HenningDear Visitor:

2014 is poised to become a defining year in the history of Biomay! The Phase IIb study with our lead product, the grass pollen allergy vaccine BM32, is coming to a close. We expect to receive top line data in the fourth quarter of this year. Since we have a positive interim analysis of this study, in which 180 patients in 6 countries have been enrolled, we are very confident that the study will have a positive final outcome.

We are very excited about this event, as it is an important step towards clinical validation of our peptide carrier fusion vaccine platform. We are invigorated also to advance our pipeline products based on the same technology towards completion of preclinical development and clinical application. These products are indicated for house dust mite, birch, cat and ragweed allergies. We expect to have development products against all of these major allergies in 2015, and will have a product for offering for the vast majority of patients suffering from allergies against airborne agents.

In addition, a CE mark enabling study with our partnered IgE immune apheresis device has been clinically completed and will also read out later this year.

Very recently, as you can see from the news, we have completed another capital increase in the amount of €2.8 million, in which most of our existing shareholders participated. We are very grateful for their long term commitment to Biomay!

The following link takes you to an animated video, which illustrates the mechanism of action of our allergy vaccine products:

If you have questions and comments about us and our products, don't hesitate to contact us!

Best regards

Rainer Henning
Chief Executive Officer

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